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Juice Lubes

A selection of Juice Lubes that arrived in the workshop courtesy of Eloise at VeloBrands. Super excited about these products as I’ve been looking to get them on-board for a while. It’s what I use on my own bikes and can honestly say they’re the best I’ve come across.

Worn brake pads

“My rear brake’s not stopping me.” Looking at the state of the pads, that’s not entirely surprising. New pads and rotor were required as the old rotor was badly damaged by the pad’s steel backing. Keep an eye on brake pad wear to avoid this kind of thing happening.

More Family Bikes

Another trio of bikes from the same family. The Giant Bicycles Defy needed new running gear (PressFit bottom bracket, chain and cassette) courtesy of Shimano-Road. The Whyte Bikes 605 was in need of something similar from Shimano-MTB along with a Premium Service. The CUBE Bikes little ripper got off fairly lightly with a small service.

Rear hub

A before and after shot now. That rear hub looked like the path to Hades, but after some surreptitious use of degreaser, application of new grease and bearings, it’s in much better shape.

Family bikes

Plenty going on the last few weeks here, hence the lack of updates. First off a family’s collection of bikes that all needed Annual Services after their winter hiatus. A giant Giant Bicycles, Ridgeback Bikes and a perrenial favourite here, Frog Bikes – the lightweight kids’ bike. Other than a few new cables here and there, they were in fine fettle, ready to be used now the fine weather’s back.