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Ribble Road Bike

This Ribble Cycles came in with a faulty front shifter, so we agreed to replace the gear cables (front and rear), but having measured the chain, also replace the chain and cassette with Shimano-Road goodies. Internal cable routing looks great, but can be a real pain when it comes to cable replacement. Ribble Cycles have done a good job on this, although getting the cables through at the bottom bracket was uber tight. Thankfully, the Park Tool IR 2.1 kit made this a damn sight easier.

Tannus Tyre Inserts

If you’re unwilling, or unable to go tubeless, tyre inserts may be the way to go if you want to reduce the risk of punctures. One of the market leaders, Tannus – No.1 Puncture Protection produce top class tyre inserts in a variety of wheel sizes and widths. That’s the way we decided to go with this fat e-bike. Those tyres are 26×4.00″ monsters, so Tannus’ largest, fattest tyre inserts were used with a narrower set of Schwalbe tires tubes.


The owner of these two Cannondale Bicycle Corporation beauts had a bike fit and discovered that the stem/handlebar combo on his new road bike was incorrect, so the old stem and bar from his soon-to-be turbo bike needed swapping over. This involved disconnecting the Shimano-Road 105 hydraulic hoses and routing them through the aero bars. On both bikes. Brake bleeds ensued, along with new gear cables for the turbo bike. The final touch on the SupersixEvo was the fitment of Muc-Off’s bar end tubeless tools. Proper nifty, and available from Andy’s Bike Clinic #cannondalebikes #shimanoroad #mucoff


The perils of buying a bike online, then putting it together without the correct tools or a torque wrench. This Boardman Bikes had some bolts which were loose and some which had been over-tightened so much, the heads had rounded. The front brake cable was also incorrectly routed behind the fork, restricting steering and more dangerously, applying the brake when turning. Yes, the bike was cheaper than buying from a shop, but the cost of putting it right meant this was more than offset. All bolts now correctly torque’d, cables re-routed and a gears adjusted. This is just one of the services that Andy’s Bike Clinic offers #boardmanbikes #torquewrench

Giant TCR

This Giant Bicycles had a worn freehub body ,so after help from Giant Bike Spares, the new one was identified and ordered. Fit like a glove with specific Juice Lubes grease to help it along #giantbikes #juicelubes


Bit of a funny one now. This Trek Bicycle had an issue that when under hard braking, the front wheel would skew to one side. Having trued the wheel, there was no discernible improvement, so a new quick release skewer, importantly with an internal cam was fitted. Job done. New Maxxis Tires thrown on at the same time #trekbike #maxxistyres


This Cannondale was equipped with one of its own cranksets, but after some damage, it needed replacing. Rather than stick with a straight replacement, the owner chose to go with a Shimano-Road Ultegra item (to match the other components), but as the bike featured Cannondale’s take on the BB30 standard (the BB30a…can you see a pattern developing here), it was Wheels Manufacturing to the rescue with their customer kit to allow a 24mm Shimano crankset spindle to fit within the existing bearings. Spiffy. #shimanoroad #WheelsManufacturing

Thorn Boost Conversion

Looking for an e-bike conversion for your bike? Look no further than the Boost Cycles kit. This was fitted for a customer to their THORN BIKES touring bike which had a very small frame. Rear wheel, battery and display were reftrofitted (the rear wheel can be pretty much any spec you can think of) and the result is pretty unobtrusive. It’s a super neat solution if you’re looking for a little helping hand when riding, give us a shout and we can spec it out for you #boostbike #thornbike


This Boardman Bikes hadn’t received much attention since being purchased, but a new Shimano-MTB chain and cassette, along with headset bearings courtesy of the guys at, a replacement Schwalbe tires Land Cruiser and an Annual Service gave it a new lease of life.

Giant TCX

This Giant Bicycles TCX was given the full Premium Service treatment, along with a new FULL SPEED AHEAD Pressfit bottom bracket, Shimano-Road chain, bar tape and rear pads. Remember, as part of the Premium Service, all control cables (brake and gear) will be replaced with Elvedes Bike Components items.