This Condor had been in a couple of weeks ago with a very, VERY worn bottom bracket. Its owner needed it in a hurry for a charity ride he was doing the same weekend. Unfortunately, the bottom bracket cups wouldn’t shift as they were corroded tightly in place (not a lick of anti-seize had been applied I assumed). Fast forward a couple of weeks and its owner asked me to try again as it was virtually un-rideable. So, using a slightly Heath-Robinson solution consisting of bolts and thingymajigs, I finally managed to shift it. As you can see the bottom bracket shell was in a state.

Condor BB

Condor non-drive side bottom bracket shell

Once cleaned up, and the threads chased, it was time to fit a new Shimano bottom bracket, re-fit the crankset and double-check the chain line. Result? One very happy owner and a (slightly) relieved bike mechanic.

Condor new bottom bracket

Condor new bottom bracket