Assorted Gear Hangers

Time for a wee catch-up. First off, it’s all been about gear hangers these past few weeks. You know, those small pieces of alloy that form a bridge between your frame and the bike’s rear derailleur. Important things gear hangers. If your rear mech takes a whack, the gear hanger’s designed to bend (up to a point) thus protecting the frame and hopefully minimising damage to your derailleur. This lot all had that in common (unfortunately, the Specialized Bicycles Pitch needed a new hanger as well). I’ve included a couple of pictures of the Focus Bikes Izalco Pro’s rear derailleur which appeared to have overshot its’ low stop and ended up in a right pickle. Easing the low stop off saw the spring compress (nearly taking my hand off) and it once again resembled a rear mech (phew!)

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