Long time, no see. Well, it’s been another couple of busy weeks here at Andy’s Bike Clinic, so here’s a whistle stop tour of what’s been through the doors.
Voodoo Hoodoo in need of a new chain, cassette, Fibrax Limited gear cable, rear hub service and a general check-up.
A GT Paloma whose chain went SNAP! So on went a spanking new KMC Chain USA chain.
A Giant Terrago which needed some work in order to pop its mountain biking cherry at Beecraigs Mountain Bike Trails. Interim Service plus a full headset service and bearing renewal and it was ready for anything.
Another Giant…an XTC this time. An Interim Service, drivetrain clean, hydraulic brake adjustment and a replacement rear tube. Done.
A Scott Sub that had braking issues; virtually no pad material left on either set of brakes had it in need of some braking goodness. Replacement Shimano Cycling pads at the front, and a brand new Shimano MTB Deore lever and caliper meant this is one bike that now stops as well as it goes.
A lovely Cube which needed some Shimano Road pedals fitted and various components correctly torqued. With a carbon frame and components this nice, you don’t want to take any chances!
Finally there’s another Cube…this time it’s an Agree. New Shimano Road RS010 rear wheel, replacement cassette and chain. Boom!