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Phoenix from the flames

What do you call a pair of phoenix? I don’t know either, but these two have just arisen from the flames. The Specialized Bicycles Dolce was in a sorry state. Worn chain, cassette, brake pads and cables that just didn’t work well enough. Shimano-Road came to the rescue with a new cassette, KMC Chain did the biz and Raleigh Bicycles took care of the pads. The cabling, as always, was replaced with Fibrax Limited‘s finest. Everything works as it should once more. The Whyte Bikes Kings Cross had lain dormant in a damp shed for a couple of years so was feeling pretty sorry for itself. A new Shimano-Road Sora front mech, new cables from Fibrax Limited, a new KMC Chain, SRAM road bar tape and an FSA bottom bracket were fitted tout-suite. It’ll now resume commuting duties though the winter (bless it).

Specialized Sirrus and Genesis Day One

Finally, a Specialized Bicycles Sirrus Comp that was in need of some TLC, and a Genesis Bikes Day One with a busted spoke. The Spesh had maybe been left a little longer than strictly wise as it needed a service, accompanied by a headset service and a new FULL SPEED AHEAD bottom bracket. The Genesis on the other hand broke a spoke on its back wheel (equipped with Shimano-MTB Alfine 8 speed hub). So, new spoke fitted, and the wheel trued up meant its owner could use it again.

Cannondale CAADX and Trek Domane S5

Next up a Cannondale CAADX with an annoying squeak, and a Trek Bicycle Domane which needed its first service. The Cannondale had developed a squeak when pedalling, so off came the pedals, followed by the chainset. Having checked the PressFit’s bottom bracket bearings were sound, it was a case of greasing everything up, re-building it and applying the correct torque to the components. Hey presto! Silent cycling. The Trek is primarily used for club runs, so gear changes have to be crisp. The rear mech had received an impact, bending the hanger. Off came the mech, on went the Park Tool Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge, and after a bit of a tweaking, it was all straightened out. The mech was re-fitted, and a some standard adjustments made. Race ready.

Cube Agree

Next up, some major surgery required to this CUBE Bikes Agree. New Shimano-Road PressFit bottom bracket, KMC Chain chain, Shimano-Road cassette, @SRAM bar tape and a super-sticky Continental Tyres Gatorskin. Its owner was umming and ahhing about whether or not to have the work undertaken…I think it was worth it.

Carrera Virtuoso

On to a Carrera that had problems stopping, and a little problem going as well. Having replaced the Shimano-Road cassette, a KMC Chain chain, Shimano-Road bottom bracket, Fibrax Limited brake pads (super sticky) and a new rear brake cable (again, courtesy of Fibrax Limited), it now goes (and more importantly) stops when it should. Really liking the groovy SRAM road bar tape too. It’s BLUE!

Carrera Virtuoso

Carrera Virtuoso

Cannondale Quick

A quick catch-up on what’s been through the doors in between the snow last week. First up, a Cannondale Quick that had been a little starved of attention. New Shimano-Road cassette, KMC-Bicycle Chain & Accessories chain, a replacement Schwalbe tires Land Cruiser (a 5 on Schwalbe’s puncture resistance scale), replacement MAGURA brake pads front and rear, Shimano-MTB bottom bracket cups, middle and large Shimano-MTB chain rings and all wrapped up with an Annual Service. Phew! I’m not expecting to see this one again anytime soon!

Cannondale Quick CX

Cannondale Quick CX

Merida Matts 20

Next up a Merida Matts 20 that had received a decent cleaning regime, but unfortunately, time had caught up with it. A new Raleigh Bicycles rear wheel, Shimano cassette, KMC chain, Shimano bottom bracket and cabling from the guys at Fibrax Limited means this bike can now tackle the worst the canal tow path can throw at it.

Merida Matts

Specialized Hardrock

Another bike that has seen lots of use, but perhaps not as much care as it warranted. This Specialized Bicycles Hardrock was treated to a new KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, new SRAM MTB cassette, brake pads from Raleigh Bicycles and a bottom bracket from Shimano-MTB. This was all rounded off with an Annual Service and as a result is good to go.

Specialized Hardrock

Specialized Hardrock

Trek, Scott, Gary Fisher and Giant Cadex

Next up, a Trek Bicycle 2.1 which leads a hard life as a commuter and weekend warrior. Full Premium Service for this one, and a replacement freehub body to ensure it didn’t sound like a 737 taking off everytime it revolved. The Shimano-Road bottom bracket was also due a swap as its bearings had finally thrown in the towel. The Premium Service is a great way to have a full spring clean of your bike, with brand, spanking new Fibrax Limited cables thrown in to the bargain. Next up a Scott bikes 60 that needed an Interim Service, plus a wee tweak to its rear hub to eliminate the play that was present. The Gary Fisher, and you don’t see too many of these about, boasted a full complement of Shimano-MTB XTR goodness, but its wheels, tyres, inner tubes and cables weren’t fairing so well. A new pair of Raleigh Bicycles wheels, knobblies and tubes courtesy of the kings of rubber, Schwalbe tires and the all-important cabling taken care of by Fibrax Limited. Lovely, lovely bike, and now it’s headed off to Aviemore to continue its adventures. Finally, an original carbon-framed Giant Cadex also needed some TLC. Again, all new rubber from Schwalbe tires, all new cables from Fibrax Limited and some hub fettling means one seriously light bike (aided by its full Shimano-MTB XT setup) is ready to hit the trails again.


Now a couple of oldie but goodies. These bikes are what the term ‘workhorse’ was invented for. A Condor Bike that wasn’t flying as it should (see what I did there?) as the chain had snapped. KMC Chain Europe B.V. to the rescue, and whilst it was in, it was also treated to a full set of Fibrax Limited cables. Nice. The Carrera Bikes Karkinos needed a new Shimano Road Claris front mech, along with a Shimano Road bottom bracket, cassette and a KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain. Topping it off was a set of new Raleigh Bicycles brake pads fore and aft.

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