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Mountain Bikes Assorted

Catch-up time after what seems like a long period of radio silence. First up a Trek Bicycle 4900 that was in desperate need of a rear brake bleed of its Hayes Disc Brakes. Alongside that was a replacement rear rotor which had suffered an impact, a service and both its hubs adjusting. The other bike in the family, a Specialized Bicycles Myka needed a brand new front brake assembly courtesy of Tektro, along with a general service and a trued front wheel. The Apollo Transition was in need of new cables, courtesy of our good friends at Fibrax Limited, plus a replacement front shifter from SRAM MTB.

Mountain Bikes (and related)

A quick catch-up of what’s been going on at Andy’s Bike Clinic this week. A very spangly Saracen Mantra built up from a box for its new owner. It’s destined to be completing the West Highland Way at some point this year; it’s sure to be up to the job. Shimano-MTB groupset along with Shimano-MTB hydraulic disc brakes and a SR Suntour Inc. fork means the components are sound. Next up, a Giant Talon. Nice Shimano-MTB XT groupset fitted, but it did need a KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, a full front hub service and some new pads all round. The Giant bikes Yukon needed some fairly major surgery; a replacement KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, hub adjustments, wheels truing and a general service. The Cube Bikes Curve was in a bit of a state; the steering was completely seized. This was traced to a poorly adjusted headset that had allowed water ingress and consequent rusting to the steerer tube. All parts removed, a brand new FSA headset and cups fitted, and this is one bike that now turns right AND left. Imagine that! Finally, a Revolution Pathfinder that sees almost constant use on unmade roads irrespective of the weather and suffers because of it. Replacement Sturmey-Archer (SunRace) freewheel, KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, Fibrax Limited cables, Raleigh Bicycles brake pads and a service means it can keep on clogging along.

Road Bikes

Time for a wee catch-up with what’s been going on recently. First up is a Specialized Bicycles Sequoia which needed a new Shimano-Road cassette, KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, a rear hub service, a front hub adjustment and a new rear gear cable courtesy of Fibrax Limited. All of this was topped off with a service as this bike’s about to get a lot of miles put through its wheels. Following on from that there’s a CUBE Bikes Agree Race which was also treated to a new Shimano-Road cassette, KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, a full service on its Fulcrum Racing 5 rear wheel (including new sealed bearings) and a new Schwalbe tires front tyre. Finally, the Scott bikes CR1 was in need of a service, new Fibrax Limited ASH460 sticky road pads front and rear, a new bombproof Continental Tyres UK Gatorskin tyre and a rear hub adjustment. All three bikes now setup for the upcoming season.


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Finally, three bikes that needed some much needed bits and bobs. The Cannondale CAAD10 is soon to venture to hillier terrain, so needed a wider ratio cassette fitting. A little hamstrung by the short cage Shimano Road 105 rear derailleur, a Shimano Road Ultegra cassette was snugged on (30T low gear!) The Boardman Team on the other hand had no problem going, but stopping was an issue. Off went the old rear pads and on went some SRAM MTB pads to take care of stopping duties. Whilst it was in, it was treated to a new KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain and a headset adjustment to get rid of that sickening play. Finally, we love Frog Bikes – the lightweight kids’ bike, but this one had an issue with the front brake caliper. So, off with the old and on with the new Tektro brake and all was well again.

20160815_174552 20160815_175129 20160815_174826 20160815_175115


Now a couple of oldie but goodies. These bikes are what the term ‘workhorse’ was invented for. A Condor Bike that wasn’t flying as it should (see what I did there?) as the chain had snapped. KMC Chain Europe B.V. to the rescue, and whilst it was in, it was also treated to a full set of Fibrax Limited cables. Nice. The Carrera Bikes Karkinos needed a new Shimano Road Claris front mech, along with a Shimano Road bottom bracket, cassette and a KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain. Topping it off was a set of new Raleigh Bicycles brake pads fore and aft.

20160812_140221 20160816_151518

Various 5

Quick catch-up with some bikes that have come through the workshop. First up, an Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative Cuillin that needed replacement Fibrax Limited brake cables, pads and a service. The SRAM road equipped Boardman Bikes Pro was in for an Annual Service, a replacement Shimano Road cassette and KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain. Boom! Finally, the rarely seen Nikishi needed new brake pads, a replacement Shimano Cycling cassette and KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain.

20160727_120351 20160803_151354 20160803_151535 20160803_151545

Various 4

Quick catch-up time. A Giant Avail in for a service and a bit of headset tweakery; an Edinburgh Bicycle Coast in need of a new Raleigh tyre, a service, some Fibrax Limited cabling goodness and Raleigh pads; an Edinburgh Chorus that needed a service and a front hub service (replacement bearings courtesy of the guys and gals at Weldtite); and finally a Canyon that had been forgotten in the shed for over a year and needed some TLC.

20160721_091141 20160721_091814 20160721_123143 20160722_135846

Various 3

Quick catch-up time; a Trek which came off second best in a major ‘off’ and needed a new front brake assembly. a b’Twin that had its rear mech implode on it and needed a replacement, a Ridgeback that needed a long overdue service along with new chain and pads, a Revolution Cadence that needed some Fibrax Limited cabling goodness (brake and gear) along with a new front mech and finally a Specialized Rockhopper that was in dire need of new front pads.

20160707_121510 20160707_121531




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Next up we have a brand new Giant ATX…fresh out the box. Literally. After adjusting all the components correctly (both gears and mechanical disc brakes were WAY out), it was ready to start its career as a coach’s bike for the West Lothian Clarion Cycling Club. First outing at Beecraigs Mountain Bike Trails proved it’s up to the task.
The Trek XTC arrived with THE WIDEST bars I’ve ever ridden. I’ve got arms like a chimp and I was struggling. The bars weren’t the issue though; the brakes were. Hydraulic brakes are great when they work but can take some diagnosis when things go awry. Subtle adjustments to the front, and the same for the rear (along with the extraction of a teensy bit of hydraulic fluid) meant lever feel was good, as was stopping power. I suspect moisture may have got in to the rear hose at some point, causing expansion which pushed the pistons out. All good now though.
A Raleigh Bicycles Monchique up next. This bike has sentimental value to its owner, and whilst it needed a fair bit of investment, the end product is a cracking wee bike. New rear wheel, Sturmey-Archer (SunRace) freewheel, KMC Chain USA chain, new Schwalbe tires (official) Range Cruiser tyres and Fibrax Limited cabling means its owner can now (safely) keep up with her kids.
A Cube LTD that needed new stoppers having worn out a pair of Clarks items. Shimano MTB XT hydraulics were measured, shortened, fitted and adjusted. The modulation on these is awesome, and they don’t cost the earth.
 20160608_125832 20160608_125947 20160608_130058 20160608_130204 20160608_130250 20160608_130316