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Cinelli Experience

Finally, there’s a CINELLI Experience that was having issues with its gears. Having assessed the rear derailleur, which had a few battle scars, it was clear the gear hanger had probably taken a knock or two. Out with Park Tool‘s brilliant Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge (they have to come up with something snappier than that!) which quickly confirmed the hanger was mis-aligned meaning gear changes were patchy at best. The tool allows you to ‘persuade’ the hanger, which is a relatively malleable alloy, back in to line. Once that was achieved, the derailleur was re-fitted, the gears re-indexed, and fingers crossed, that should be that.

Cinelli Experience

Cinelli Experience

A tale of two Pinnacles

Next up, a couple of Evans Cycles Pinnacles that needed some work. The first, having completed a gruelling 140 miles and a total of 12,000 feet of climbing the previous week, was in need of a gear service. The second, soon to be found cycling between London and Paris for charity had ended up with its gear hanger being bent. Removal of the rear derailleur, attachment of the Park Tool derailleur hanger alignment gauge meant the hanger could be encouraged back in to line. A subsequent gear service meant that all gears were back where they were supposed to be.

Assorted Gear Hangers

Time for a wee catch-up. First off, it’s all been about gear hangers these past few weeks. You know, those small pieces of alloy that form a bridge between your frame and the bike’s rear derailleur. Important things gear hangers. If your rear mech takes a whack, the gear hanger’s designed to bend (up to a point) thus protecting the frame and hopefully minimising damage to your derailleur. This lot all had that in common (unfortunately, the Specialized Bicycles Pitch needed a new hanger as well). I’ve included a couple of pictures of the Focus Bikes Izalco Pro’s rear derailleur which appeared to have overshot its’ low stop and ended up in a right pickle. Easing the low stop off saw the spring compress (nearly taking my hand off) and it once again resembled a rear mech (phew!)

20160812_104346 20160812_104400 20160812_14325420160812_140553 20160817_113846

Norco Valence

Seems like it’s been hanger week at Andy’s Bike Clinic. This Norco Bicycles Valence needed a replacement hanger, Shimano Cycling 105 rear derailleur and a KMC Chain USA chain. After fitment, a quick gear adjustment, and it was back putting miles under its tyres on the tarmac.

20160315_140401 20160315_140413

GT Aggressor

Next up, a GT Aggressor which leads a busy life. Unfortunately, its gear hanger came off worse with a sudden impact, so a new hanger and Shimano Cycling rear derailleur were fitted. Smooth shifting suitably restored, its owner can resume their commute via bike.

20160311_135716 20160311_135729