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Trek, Scott, Gary Fisher and Giant Cadex

Next up, a Trek Bicycle 2.1 which leads a hard life as a commuter and weekend warrior. Full Premium Service for this one, and a replacement freehub body to ensure it didn’t sound like a 737 taking off everytime it revolved. The Shimano-Road bottom bracket was also due a swap as its bearings had finally thrown in the towel. The Premium Service is a great way to have a full spring clean of your bike, with brand, spanking new Fibrax Limited cables thrown in to the bargain. Next up a Scott bikes 60 that needed an Interim Service, plus a wee tweak to its rear hub to eliminate the play that was present. The Gary Fisher, and you don’t see too many of these about, boasted a full complement of Shimano-MTB XTR goodness, but its wheels, tyres, inner tubes and cables weren’t fairing so well. A new pair of Raleigh Bicycles wheels, knobblies and tubes courtesy of the kings of rubber, Schwalbe tires and the all-important cabling taken care of by Fibrax Limited. Lovely, lovely bike, and now it’s headed off to Aviemore to continue its adventures. Finally, an original carbon-framed Giant Cadex also needed some TLC. Again, all new rubber from Schwalbe tires, all new cables from Fibrax Limited and some hub fettling means one seriously light bike (aided by its full Shimano-MTB XT setup) is ready to hit the trails again.

Mountain Bikes Assorted

Catch-up time after what seems like a long period of radio silence. First up a Trek Bicycle 4900 that was in desperate need of a rear brake bleed of its Hayes Disc Brakes. Alongside that was a replacement rear rotor which had suffered an impact, a service and both its hubs adjusting. The other bike in the family, a Specialized Bicycles Myka needed a brand new front brake assembly courtesy of Tektro, along with a general service and a trued front wheel. The Apollo Transition was in need of new cables, courtesy of our good friends at Fibrax Limited, plus a replacement front shifter from SRAM MTB.

Mountain Bikes (and related)

A quick catch-up of what’s been going on at Andy’s Bike Clinic this week. A very spangly Saracen Mantra built up from a box for its new owner. It’s destined to be completing the West Highland Way at some point this year; it’s sure to be up to the job. Shimano-MTB groupset along with Shimano-MTB hydraulic disc brakes and a SR Suntour Inc. fork means the components are sound. Next up, a Giant Talon. Nice Shimano-MTB XT groupset fitted, but it did need a KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, a full front hub service and some new pads all round. The Giant bikes Yukon needed some fairly major surgery; a replacement KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, hub adjustments, wheels truing and a general service. The Cube Bikes Curve was in a bit of a state; the steering was completely seized. This was traced to a poorly adjusted headset that had allowed water ingress and consequent rusting to the steerer tube. All parts removed, a brand new FSA headset and cups fitted, and this is one bike that now turns right AND left. Imagine that! Finally, a Revolution Pathfinder that sees almost constant use on unmade roads irrespective of the weather and suffers because of it. Replacement Sturmey-Archer (SunRace) freewheel, KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, Fibrax Limited cables, Raleigh Bicycles brake pads and a service means it can keep on clogging along.

Various 4

Quick catch-up time. A Giant Avail in for a service and a bit of headset tweakery; an Edinburgh Bicycle Coast in need of a new Raleigh tyre, a service, some Fibrax Limited cabling goodness and Raleigh pads; an Edinburgh Chorus that needed a service and a front hub service (replacement bearings courtesy of the guys and gals at Weldtite); and finally a Canyon that had been forgotten in the shed for over a year and needed some TLC.

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Boardman Comp

It’s about this time of year that your hubs take a real beating. Water ingress and general filth damaging the internals. This Boardman Comp for example; look at the state of those bearings! Much improved after a thorough clean, re-grease and shiny new bearings though.20151020_102700