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Raleigh Blue Streak

The next bike is a wee bit special, having particular sentimental value to its owner. However, sentiment only stretches so far, and it was clear that the tyres (dangerously perished) and mudguards (in tatters) needed replacing. Trying to keep as close to the original feel of the bike as possible, this Raleigh Bicycles Blue Streak benefitted from some of Raleigh Bicycles‘s own mudguards (snazzy silver numbers) whilst Schwalbe tires took care of the boots. I think it looks pretty spiffy, and so does its owner.

Specialized Vita

On to a Specialized Vita now. This one has been well used, and like many others, is put away in a state that’s slightly less than optimum. As a result, it needed a new chain and cassette and the front derailleur had to be coaxed back to life so that it actually moved. The front derailleur gets all the rubbish from the road thrown on to it as the rear wheel turns, so it’s one area that needs special attention. A new set of snazzy SKS mudguards later and a quick service, and this is one bike that’s ‘winter ready’.