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Specialized Sirrus and Genesis Day One

Finally, a Specialized Bicycles Sirrus Comp that was in need of some TLC, and a Genesis Bikes Day One with a busted spoke. The Spesh had maybe been left a little longer than strictly wise as it needed a service, accompanied by a headset service and a new FULL SPEED AHEAD bottom bracket. The Genesis on the other hand broke a spoke on its back wheel (equipped with Shimano-MTB Alfine 8 speed hub). So, new spoke fitted, and the wheel trued up meant its owner could use it again.

Merida Matts 20

Next up a Merida Matts 20 that had received a decent cleaning regime, but unfortunately, time had caught up with it. A new Raleigh Bicycles rear wheel, Shimano cassette, KMC chain, Shimano bottom bracket and cabling from the guys at Fibrax Limited means this bike can now tackle the worst the canal tow path can throw at it.

Merida Matts

Revolution Heritage

Bike manufacturers often cut costs on certain components to keep prices competitive. Case in point? This Revolution Heritage. The front wheel came equipped with a quick release, but the rear was a bolt through. 99% of the time this may be fine, but what happens if you get a puncture in the rear tyre and have to remove the wheel? A quick release is far easier to deal with. So, this owner asked me to replace the bolt through system with a quick release. A new axle, with the correct spacing retained for the cups and cones of the hub now mean it’s as easy to remove the rear wheel as the front.

Various 4

Quick catch-up time. A Giant Avail in for a service and a bit of headset tweakery; an Edinburgh Bicycle Coast in need of a new Raleigh tyre, a service, some Fibrax Limited cabling goodness and Raleigh pads; an Edinburgh Chorus that needed a service and a front hub service (replacement bearings courtesy of the guys and gals at Weldtite); and finally a Canyon that had been forgotten in the shed for over a year and needed some TLC.

20160721_091141 20160721_091814 20160721_123143 20160722_135846

Various 2

Next up we have a brand new Giant ATX…fresh out the box. Literally. After adjusting all the components correctly (both gears and mechanical disc brakes were WAY out), it was ready to start its career as a coach’s bike for the West Lothian Clarion Cycling Club. First outing at Beecraigs Mountain Bike Trails proved it’s up to the task.
The Trek XTC arrived with THE WIDEST bars I’ve ever ridden. I’ve got arms like a chimp and I was struggling. The bars weren’t the issue though; the brakes were. Hydraulic brakes are great when they work but can take some diagnosis when things go awry. Subtle adjustments to the front, and the same for the rear (along with the extraction of a teensy bit of hydraulic fluid) meant lever feel was good, as was stopping power. I suspect moisture may have got in to the rear hose at some point, causing expansion which pushed the pistons out. All good now though.
A Raleigh Bicycles Monchique up next. This bike has sentimental value to its owner, and whilst it needed a fair bit of investment, the end product is a cracking wee bike. New rear wheel, Sturmey-Archer (SunRace) freewheel, KMC Chain USA chain, new Schwalbe tires (official) Range Cruiser tyres and Fibrax Limited cabling means its owner can now (safely) keep up with her kids.
A Cube LTD that needed new stoppers having worn out a pair of Clarks items. Shimano MTB XT hydraulics were measured, shortened, fitted and adjusted. The modulation on these is awesome, and they don’t cost the earth.
 20160608_125832 20160608_125947 20160608_130058 20160608_130204 20160608_130250 20160608_130316

Revolution Pathfinder

Finally, a Revolution Pathfinder…this was in a bit of a sorry state as its commute takes in the worst of what West Lothian has to offer. It needed a new Raleigh Bicycles rear wheel with Sturmey-Archer (SunRace) 7 speed freewheel, a replacement KMC Chain USA 7 speed chain, new Raleigh Bicycles brake pads front and rear and a Fibrax Limited rear gear cable to ensure those gear changes are accurate and consistent.

20160429_133331_HDR 20160429_133345

Giant Revel

Next up there’s a Giant Bicycles Revel that needed an Annual Service and a replacement front inner tube. If you use your bike on a regular basis, the Annual Service is a great way of keeping your bike running in tip-top condition throughout the year. Perfect for those riders who don’t ride everyday, but probably ride a couple of times a week. This Giant flew through its service with no advisories!