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Cannondale CAADX and Trek Domane S5

Next up a Cannondale CAADX with an annoying squeak, and a Trek Bicycle Domane which needed its first service. The Cannondale had developed a squeak when pedalling, so off came the pedals, followed by the chainset. Having checked the PressFit’s bottom bracket bearings were sound, it was a case of greasing everything up, re-building it and applying the correct torque to the components. Hey presto! Silent cycling. The Trek is primarily used for club runs, so gear changes have to be crisp. The rear mech had received an impact, bending the hanger. Off came the mech, on went the Park Tool Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge, and after a bit of a tweaking, it was all straightened out. The mech was re-fitted, and a some standard adjustments made. Race ready.

Carrera Virtuoso

On to a Carrera that had problems stopping, and a little problem going as well. Having replaced the Shimano-Road cassette, a KMC Chain chain, Shimano-Road bottom bracket, Fibrax Limited brake pads (super sticky) and a new rear brake cable (again, courtesy of Fibrax Limited), it now goes (and more importantly) stops when it should. Really liking the groovy SRAM road bar tape too. It’s BLUE!

Carrera Virtuoso

Carrera Virtuoso

Cannondale Quick

A quick catch-up on what’s been through the doors in between the snow last week. First up, a Cannondale Quick that had been a little starved of attention. New Shimano-Road cassette, KMC-Bicycle Chain & Accessories chain, a replacement Schwalbe tires Land Cruiser (a 5 on Schwalbe’s puncture resistance scale), replacement MAGURA brake pads front and rear, Shimano-MTB bottom bracket cups, middle and large Shimano-MTB chain rings and all wrapped up with an Annual Service. Phew! I’m not expecting to see this one again anytime soon!

Cannondale Quick CX

Cannondale Quick CX

Fuji Transonic Two.5

First Fuji Bikes through the doors! A Fuji Bikes Transonic Two.5 with Shimano-Road Ultegra/105 mix, a Praxis chainset and Oval wheelset. Very quick, stiff carbon frame means all power that gets put into the drivetrain translates to speed on the road. It was treated to an Annual Service and a bit of a spruce up.

Fuji Transonic

BMC and Specialized

To finish off, we have a BMC Street Racer that, due to injury, had been laid up for a while. Perished tyres, a rusted chain and general neglect were soon forgotten after it received an Annual Service, new Continental Gatorskin tyres (as you can see, these are currently flying out the door!) and a KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain. Now in tip-top condition, the @Shimano 105 groupset can really do its things once more. A slight change of pace, and this Specialized Bicycles Crosstrail had mis-firing gears. Some adjustment to both the high and low stops, along with the cable tension, and crisp consistent gear changes were the result.

A couple of Carreras

Next up, a couple of Carreras (could that be a collective noun?) The Crixus CX bike needed a fair bit of work enjoying an Annual Service, some new cables courtesy of Fibrax Limited and brake pads from Raleigh Bicycles. The Zelos had been suffering from repetitive puncture syndrome…it’s a thing. Honestly. Anyway, it’s now rolling around on brand new Continental Gatorskin tyres wrapped round SLIME inner tubes. Belt-and-braces-tastic. It’ll take one seriously determined thorn to upset this set up.

Bianchi and Specialized

Wee catch up time. I do like a bit of Italian style, and this Bianchi Nirone 7 delivers in spades. Full Campagnolo Srl groupset, including wheels weren’t the problem. A graunchy headset was. Full strip down, bearings cleaned, degreased and re-lubed and everything put back together again. The steering is now much improved, and less of a struggle too! The Specialized Bicycles Ariel needed some tweakery round its gears and brakes. The A relatively new purchase, but having missed its free 6 week service, it needed some adjustments to ensure it felt factory fresh once more.

The bikes that time forgot

Quick catch-up time. The mad summer holiday rush has abated, thank goodness (no pleasing some people), but it’s been business as usual this week. These two Raleigh Bicycles have sat largely forgotten since about 1995 (they were purchased in 1994 with the receipts to prove it). Their owners have decided that now’s the time to dust them down, get them roadworthy and put them to good use. Spangly new tyres courtesy of Raleigh Bicycles, brake pads from the same company, inner tubes courtesy of Schwalbe tires, replacement cables from the Welsh Wizards at Fibrax Limited and they’re almost ready to go. Just waiting on the arrival of some spiffy Moon lights then they’ll be out the door. Those of you with keen eyes will have clocked the Sachs Huret twist shifters…with a lock mechanism. Why this would be required, I have no clue, but something a bit different.

Something for everyone

Our last update includes something for everyone. The Raleigh Bicycles needed some new rubber courtesy of Schwalbe tires. Chunky 20×1.9″ Black Sharks replaced the badly perished items that were threatening the bike’s safety. Mum’s bike, which is used for the odd pootle to the shops via the canal towpath was treated to a snazzy basket. Finally, the Boardman Bikes needed a new cassette (thanks Shimano-Road), a new chain (ta ever so KMC Chain Europe B.V.), replacement gear cables (indebted as ever Fibrax Limited), some replacement brake pads front and rear and an Annual Service. Fingers crossed, tackling the Tour o’f the Borders event yesterday was more fun as a result!