Cannondale and Claud Butler

Busy, busy, busy at Andy’s Bike Clinic over the summer, but now the kids are back at school, it’s time to take a breath and a quick look back at what’s been through the doors. These two are (hopefully) now being used by their owner to maintain a level of fitness that was proving difficult. A bad back is no laughing matter, but a bike is fairly low impact on the body, and if correctly setup, a great aid in recovery. Both the Cannondale and Claud Butler were worse for wear when they entered the workshop. Spangly new Schwalbe tires and tubes, cabling courtesy of the Welsh Wizards Fibrax Limited, brake pads from Raleigh Bicycles, skinny mudguard from Oxford and a bit of TLC saw the Claud Butler back on the road. The Cannondale, with its very cool Fatty HeadShok, needed pretty much the same treatment, along with a new Shimano-MTB bottom bracket. The difference in both bikes was night and day.