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Cannondale CAADX and Trek Domane S5

Next up a Cannondale CAADX with an annoying squeak, and a Trek Bicycle Domane which needed its first service. The Cannondale had developed a squeak when pedalling, so off came the pedals, followed by the chainset. Having checked the PressFit’s bottom bracket bearings were sound, it was a case of greasing everything up, re-building it and applying the correct torque to the components. Hey presto! Silent cycling. The Trek is primarily used for club runs, so gear changes have to be crisp. The rear mech had received an impact, bending the hanger. Off came the mech, on went the Park Tool Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge, and after a bit of a tweaking, it was all straightened out. The mech was re-fitted, and a some standard adjustments made. Race ready.

Trek Domane S5

Imagine the scene. You buy your dream bike, but you find yourself stuck between two sizes. What can you do? Two obvious changes you can make are to the stem and saddle/seatpost. In the case of this lovely Trek-Segafredo Domane S5, the long 100mm stem that came as standard meant the shifters were uncomfortably far away. Having adjusted the saddle forward as far as it would go as a temporary measure, the decision was taken to swap out the stem for something shorter. The replacement retained the 7 degree rise, but at 60mm was significantly shorter. Not only did this sharpen the steering, but meant the saddle could be moved backwards to a more neutral position.

Trek Domane S5

Trek Domane S5

Trek Domane

This Trek Domane is the owner’s winter bike, and as such, had seen a fair amount of rain and muck over the last 4 or 5 months. An Annual Service, Raleigh Bicycles pads front and a rear (and a new rear mudguard) and new Fibrax Limited gear cables means this is one bike that can be put away for 6 months before tackling the worst the Lothian’s weather can throw at it all over again.

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