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Whyte King’s Cross

Whyte King’s Cross in for some work this week. A seized front derailleur (see previous post about the Specialized Vita) would not come back to life despite all the usual lubricants best efforts. So, a new Shimano Road Sora front derailleur was fitted, along with a new 9 speed KMC Chain USA chain. Rounded off with a replacement Fibrax Limited front gear cable and a service, and this workhorse was fit for active duty once more.


Giant Defy

A little taster of what’s being going on at Andy’s Bike Clinic this week. First up, a Giant Defy which had lost its drive. Not only had the chain worn, but the rear gear cable had broken in the shifter. Vexing isn’t the word. After a bit of investigation and dismantling, the cable was retrieved and binned, being replaced with a lovely Fibrax Limited item. Fibrax Limited also provided some stopping power at the rear with some of their super-sticky pads. The chain was swapped out for a KMC Chain USA 10 speed beauty and it was all topped off by an Interim Service. Full working order once more

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