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Trek road bike

Next up a Trek that also handles commuting duties for its owner, this time from Linlithgow to Glasgow. New Shimano Road cassette, KMC Chain USA chain and a big SRAM road chain ring were required here. A quick gear adjustment and it was pounding the streets of Glasgow once more.


Boardman Comp LTD

Finally, some before and after shots of a Boardman that has a hard life transporting its owner from East Lothian in to a well-known Bank’s Head Office that used to be an asylum (naming no names). It needed a Premium Service, a new KMC Chain USA 10spd chain, a Shimano Road 105 10spd cassette and a SRAM road chain ring on top of that. As part of the Premium Service, the control cables are all replaced with spangly Fibrax Limited cabling, so clean, precise shifting is guaranteed.

Boardman Comp LTD 3

Boardman Comp LTD 4

Boardman Comp LTD

Giant Defy

A little taster of what’s being going on at Andy’s Bike Clinic this week. First up, a Giant Defy which had lost its drive. Not only had the chain worn, but the rear gear cable had broken in the shifter. Vexing isn’t the word. After a bit of investigation and dismantling, the cable was retrieved and binned, being replaced with a lovely Fibrax Limited item. Fibrax Limited also provided some stopping power at the rear with some of their super-sticky pads. The chain was swapped out for a KMC Chain USA 10 speed beauty and it was all topped off by an Interim Service. Full working order once more

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