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Raleigh Blue Streak

The next bike is a wee bit special, having particular sentimental value to its owner. However, sentiment only stretches so far, and it was clear that the tyres (dangerously perished) and mudguards (in tatters) needed replacing. Trying to keep as close to the original feel of the bike as possible, this Raleigh Bicycles Blue Streak benefitted from some of Raleigh Bicycles‘s own mudguards (snazzy silver numbers) whilst Schwalbe tires took care of the boots. I think it looks pretty spiffy, and so does its owner.

The bikes that time forgot

Quick catch-up time. The mad summer holiday rush has abated, thank goodness (no pleasing some people), but it’s been business as usual this week. These two Raleigh Bicycles have sat largely forgotten since about 1995 (they were purchased in 1994 with the receipts to prove it). Their owners have decided that now’s the time to dust them down, get them roadworthy and put them to good use. Spangly new tyres courtesy of Raleigh Bicycles, brake pads from the same company, inner tubes courtesy of Schwalbe tires, replacement cables from the Welsh Wizards at Fibrax Limited and they’re almost ready to go. Just waiting on the arrival of some spiffy Moon lights then they’ll be out the door. Those of you with keen eyes will have clocked the Sachs Huret twist shifters…with a lock mechanism. Why this would be required, I have no clue, but something a bit different.

Something for everyone

Our last update includes something for everyone. The Raleigh Bicycles needed some new rubber courtesy of Schwalbe tires. Chunky 20×1.9″ Black Sharks replaced the badly perished items that were threatening the bike’s safety. Mum’s bike, which is used for the odd pootle to the shops via the canal towpath was treated to a snazzy basket. Finally, the Boardman Bikes needed a new cassette (thanks Shimano-Road), a new chain (ta ever so KMC Chain Europe B.V.), replacement gear cables (indebted as ever Fibrax Limited), some replacement brake pads front and rear and an Annual Service. Fingers crossed, tackling the Tour o’f the Borders event yesterday was more fun as a result!

Raleigh Blue Streak

Finally, and to paraphrase Huey Lewis and the News, we’re gonna go back in time. To a time when there wasn’t just Shimano and Campagnolo components (I don’t think SRAM had been invented at this point), but a host of other standards. One such example was the Benelux groupset which pitched itself against Campagnolo in particular. This Raleigh Blue Streak had a snapped gear cable, so I had to dig out the imperial spanners and set to work on it. Replacing the cable was tricky enough, but the gear adjustments were nothing short of Mission Impossible. Finally, all five rear gears were available (the customer told me the top gear had been unattainable for the last seven or eight years!) Thanks to Fibrax Limited for advising on this one regarding pull ratios and what would fit best.

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