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Revolution Heritage

Bike manufacturers often cut costs on certain components to keep prices competitive. Case in point? This Revolution Heritage. The front wheel came equipped with a quick release, but the rear was a bolt through. 99% of the time this may be fine, but what happens if you get a puncture in the rear tyre and have to remove the wheel? A quick release is far easier to deal with. So, this owner asked me to replace the bolt through system with a quick release. A new axle, with the correct spacing retained for the cups and cones of the hub now mean it’s as easy to remove the rear wheel as the front.

Revolution Pathfinder and Giant Mistral

Next up, a couple of bikes that had seen a lot of use, but perhaps not so much attention. Both the Revolution Pathfinder and Giant Bicycles Mistral needed major overhauls on their drivetrains. New chains courtesy of KMC Chain Europe B.V., a SunRace freewheel for the Pathfinder and a SRAM MTB cassette for the Mistral meant that chain retention and gear accuracy were massively improved. Some replacement brake pads from Raleigh Bicycles improved stopping power too.

Mountain Bikes (and related)

A quick catch-up of what’s been going on at Andy’s Bike Clinic this week. A very spangly Saracen Mantra built up from a box for its new owner. It’s destined to be completing the West Highland Way at some point this year; it’s sure to be up to the job. Shimano-MTB groupset along with Shimano-MTB hydraulic disc brakes and a SR Suntour Inc. fork means the components are sound. Next up, a Giant Talon. Nice Shimano-MTB XT groupset fitted, but it did need a KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, a full front hub service and some new pads all round. The Giant bikes Yukon needed some fairly major surgery; a replacement KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, hub adjustments, wheels truing and a general service. The Cube Bikes Curve was in a bit of a state; the steering was completely seized. This was traced to a poorly adjusted headset that had allowed water ingress and consequent rusting to the steerer tube. All parts removed, a brand new FSA headset and cups fitted, and this is one bike that now turns right AND left. Imagine that! Finally, a Revolution Pathfinder that sees almost constant use on unmade roads irrespective of the weather and suffers because of it. Replacement Sturmey-Archer (SunRace) freewheel, KMC Chain Europe B.V. chain, Fibrax Limited cables, Raleigh Bicycles brake pads and a service means it can keep on clogging along.

Revolution Pathfinder

Finally, a Revolution Pathfinder…this was in a bit of a sorry state as its commute takes in the worst of what West Lothian has to offer. It needed a new Raleigh Bicycles rear wheel with Sturmey-Archer (SunRace) 7 speed freewheel, a replacement KMC Chain USA 7 speed chain, new Raleigh Bicycles brake pads front and rear and a Fibrax Limited rear gear cable to ensure those gear changes are accurate and consistent.

20160429_133331_HDR 20160429_133345

Ridgeback Velocity and Revolution Cairn

Quick mid-week catch-up of what’s been passing through the doors. First, a Mum’s Ridgeback and son’s Revolution that both needed a bit of tinkering with their gears. The Ridgeback’s chain would skip off the top and bottom of the cassette, whilst only 4 of the six Revolution’s gears were available. Some jiggery-pokery with high and low stops and cable tension and both were shifting smoothly.

20160217_115941 20160217_120455