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Ridgeback Comet

Hear that sound? It’s the sound of my feet touching the ground for what seems like the first time in two weeks. So, what’s been keeping me so busy? Bikes, bikes are more bikes. First up there’s a Ridgeback Comet that was in dire need of a new chain (KMC Chain USA of course!), some new Fibrax Limited cables and a service. Last seen zooming round Linlithgow helping to deliver campaign leaflets for the Greens (who else?)


Ridgeback Velocity and Revolution Cairn

Quick mid-week catch-up of what’s been passing through the doors. First, a Mum’s Ridgeback and son’s Revolution that both needed a bit of tinkering with their gears. The Ridgeback’s chain would skip off the top and bottom of the cassette, whilst only 4 of the six Revolution’s gears were available. Some jiggery-pokery with high and low stops and cable tension and both were shifting smoothly.

20160217_115941 20160217_120455


Finally we have a couple of Ridgebacks which were a little worse for wear. New Fibrax Limited cabling, a new Suntour chainset, Shimano MTB bottom bracket (as you’ll see, the old bottom bracket had outlived its usefulness) and SRAM MTB twist shifter for the MX24 and new grips meant they were ready to go for a family ride (weather permitting!)20160119_142655 20160121_114740 20160121_114759 20160121_115005