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Saracen Tufftrax

Next up, a sorry tale of a Saracen’s brake lever breaking in two and embedding itself in its rider’s leg. Ow! Fortunately, the rider was OK (apart from some bruising), whilst the bike needed a new Shimano MTB shifter, a Fibrax Limited front brake cable and a fair bit of gear adjustment. Here’s hoping the owner doesn’t come a cropper again.


Saracen Tufftrax

Busy week after being off for a couple of weeks convalescing. First up there’s a Saracen Tufftrax that came off second best to a chunk of rock…well, it’s rear derailleur did anyway. The gear hanger needed adjusting to bring everything back in line, and a new Shimano MTB Tourney rear derailleur fitted. Gears adjusted and it was off again.

20151028_123020 20151028_123044