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Phoenix from the flames

What do you call a pair of phoenix? I don’t know either, but these two have just arisen from the flames. The Specialized Bicycles Dolce was in a sorry state. Worn chain, cassette, brake pads and cables that just didn’t work well enough. Shimano-Road came to the rescue with a new cassette, KMC Chain did the biz and Raleigh Bicycles took care of the pads. The cabling, as always, was replaced with Fibrax Limited‘s finest. Everything works as it should once more. The Whyte Bikes Kings Cross had lain dormant in a damp shed for a couple of years so was feeling pretty sorry for itself. A new Shimano-Road Sora front mech, new cables from Fibrax Limited, a new KMC Chain, SRAM road bar tape and an FSA bottom bracket were fitted tout-suite. It’ll now resume commuting duties though the winter (bless it).

Whyte King’s Cross

Whyte King’s Cross in for some work this week. A seized front derailleur (see previous post about the Specialized Vita) would not come back to life despite all the usual lubricants best efforts. So, a new Shimano Road Sora front derailleur was fitted, along with a new 9 speed KMC Chain USA chain. Rounded off with a replacement Fibrax Limited front gear cable and a service, and this workhorse was fit for active duty once more.